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​​​Hot Stone Therapy
Stones are bathed in warm water, anointed with oil, & massaged on your body, relieving tense

& aching muscles.

Back Massage               25 mins                           30.00

Leg Massage                  25 mins                           26.00
Full Body                        55 mins                           39.00
Foot and Leg (knee to ankle) massage
                                        20 mins                           20.00
Hot Stones & Hands
My own special combination of Hot Stones and Swedish massage, blended together to create a firm and deeply relaxing treatment.
Full Body with mini  Tibetan Head Massage     
                                  1 hour10 mins                     43.00
Hot Stones & Hands
Muscle Melt -  Back/Calves/Hamstrings
Ease away aches & pains
                                        40 mins                      35.00
Thai Style Massage

Combining  traditional heated herb & coconut compresses, aroma oils & Thai Style massage, in an invigorating and refreshing way.

Back Massage               25 mins                           35.00

Leg Massage                  25 mins                           29.00

Full Body                        50 mins                           42.00

Coconut Heated Compress Massage

Back/neck/shoulders   25 mins                          34.00

Leg Massage (backs only)

                                         25 mins                          26.00


Tibetan Head Massage

Your face, head and ears are gently massaged using acupressure points, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.


                                       25 mins                             27.00




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